Venue Marketing

Location Based, Digital Publishing Solution.

PressPad Lounge turns your venue into a reading zone. Full of digital magazines, available instantly on your guests' own mobile device. Free of charge, at your business location.

Forget traditional paper magazines lying around in your lounge.


Engage your customers in a whole new way.

Allow them to read on their own devices while in the range of the PressPad Lounge.

PressPad Lounge at Your Venue:

Provides a unique experience for your guests and clients - increasing engagement
Influences loyalty of your visitors - attracting people to the specific location
Maintains a tidy image of your venue - no more untidy paper magazines
Builds positive word of mouth around your brand, the highest value proposition

Questions and Answers (FAQ) about

Location Based Marketing with PressPad Lounge

What is PressPad Lounge?

PressPad Lounge allows people to read magazines at your venue on their mobile devices. It creates a zone (inside or outside the building) where people are able to read magazines offered by PressPad for free. Readers do not have to buy a subscription or single editions, they just have to be in the right location at your venue.

What are the most common uses?

Case 1: PressPad Lounge creates a free reading zone at the specific business location. PressPad provides a selection of magazines that are currently published. People can read the magazines on their mobile devices.

Goal: Businesses choose this service in order to increase their value and shape a fantastic custoer experience.

Examples: Hotels, Shopping malls, Airports, Business Lounges. This product is designed for waiting areas and places with intense people flow.

Case 2: PressPad Lounge provides free access to custom magazines. Businesses can leverage their location by providing coupons and information about special offers to prospects passing by.

Goal: Businesses choose this service in order to feed their sales and maintain client retention.

Examples: Restaurants, Travel lounges, Sales booths.

What does my order include?

You will receive a slick package with a preconfigured device. The PressPad Lounge package contains the following items:

A small mobile device (iBeacon) that will shape your reading zone, attachable to any surface
Wide selection of magazines for you to choose from
3 - 5 selected magazine apps
Apple iOS and Google Android compatibility
Installation manual
Dedicated website
Unlimited downloads
Technical support (email/Skype)

Where can I set it up?

PressPad Lounge can be created anywhere, in any part of the world. Both inside and outside the building. A single emitter device - a beacon - can cover a space with a radius up to 70 meters.

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is like a modern jukebox. It's a low-power device that emits a signal which can be read by modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. "You can imagine the beacon as a small lighthouse installed in a fixed location, which broadcasts its presence to all the ships (smartphones) around it."

How does it work?

iBeacon is a very small device with its own power source, emitting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal. Using this emitter (beacon) enables us to shape a space within which people are allowed free reading.

Why would I need this?

The main purpose for using PressPad Lounge is location based marketing and venue marketing - to keep people engaged at the specific place/location.

What are the technical requirements?

No technical requirements are necessary to install your Free Reading Zone. You only need to attach the iBeacon in the required place and communicate with your clients about the reading zone itself (print, rollups, banners, internal displays etc.). We integrate the PressPad app with the Estimote iBeacons, so all that is necessary is placement of the small wireless device in the center of the Zone.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. PressPad Lounge requires internet connection. Internet connection is necessary to download magazine apps and their issues.

How can I place my order?

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you.


With PressPad Lounge, people visiting your venue are able to install the magazine app of their choice, and read every issue for free while remaining PHYSICALLY within your venue.

Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a shopping mall, restaurant or a booth, PressPad Lounge enables a slick marriage of digital publishing with location marketing. People located within the range of the reading zone will be able to read magazines on their mobile devices, for free.

All this utilizing their own mobile devices. Use the form below to contact with us.

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